Safety Harbor Garden Club                                                                                    Meeting Minutes 9/20/17

A.  The meeting was called to order by Sharen Kuckkahn, President  at 9:50am.

B.  Guests were welcomed.  Refreshment folks were thanked and Wanda Sorrells, our coffee lady was thanked.  Lori Maranto volunteered to take the job of making coffee.  There maybe a time or two when Lori cannot do the job, and Wanda agreed to cover for her. Thank you Lori!

C. Secretary report last August meeting on website.

D. Treasure report   $2497.41

E. Judith - Membership spoke about the Hospitality Website . She suggested two people sharing the chairperson for the plants sale on December 10, Sunday. A discussion was held about preparation, starting to propagate plants and a plant list was passed around in regard to the plants members were going to bring. We will have pots at the next meeting for member’s plants for the plant sale.

F.  October 18th meeting is our underwear drive for the boys and girls at Florida Sheriff Youth Ranch sizes 3-18.  They do not need to be wrapped. New only!

G. Christmas Party is on December 13th at 12:30pm at the Florida Youth Ranch.  Members are asked to bring hors’dourves or dessert. A list will be put out to the members at the next meeting as to what he/she will bring.

  1. Carol introduced Diane Fecteau our speaker on “Good Bugs and Bad Bugs”.  The projector was not compatible to Diane's equipment, so copies were made and passed around.   The subject was very interesting.

J.  The meeting was adjourned at  10:20am

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sharen Kuckkahn.

Leah Metz our Secretary resigned her position due to health problems.