Safety Harbor Garden Club Meeting Minutes
                                            October 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 10:05am by Sharen Kuckkahn, President.
Jennifer, Hospitality Chairman was thanked and those that brought breakfast
items and guests were welcomed.

Treasure’s Report: Pat Gilliland gave the treasures report. The September
balance was $2,766.45. Income Membership $20, 50/50 $17.00. Totaled
$37.00. Expenses $25.00 to the Bonsai Group in recognition of Kay Waldon’s
educational presentation on bonsai plants.

Membership: Gisela was acting Membership due to Jo’s absence. We now
have 64 members.

Garden Tours: November 20, 2019, Wednesday: The Garden Tours will take
the place of our November meeting. We will meet at 10am at the Safety Harbor
Marina. This tour will not be open to the public. Gary Sawtelle , Leslie Zambito
and Anne Ward have so graciously offered their gardens for our tour. We will
conclude the tour with lunch at Daydreamers Cafe and Grill located at 143 7th
Avenue in Safety Harbor.

Plant Sale - Sunday, December 8, 2019: A work sign up sheet for the day
starting a 7:30am and ending around 4pm was put out for signatures. The
plants that don’t get sold go back to Sandys. Our members can bring their
plants or cuttings any Sunday to Sandys from 9am- 12 Noon. The plants will be
labeled, fertilized if necessary and the cuttings planted. They would like 5
plants, or as many cuttings you can bring.

Christmas Party: Linda Howard gave a report on the luncheon which will be
held on December 11, 2019, Wednesday, at Moccassin Lake. The times are
11am -2pm. The luncheon will be buffet style and the food will be prepared by
the committee. Linda suggested if anyone wanted to bring a favorite dish/
dessert, they were more than welcomed. A sign up sheet was passed around
and a beautiful invite was given out. There is no charge for members, guests will
be $5.

Nominating Committee: Elsa Soto graciously agreed to be the Chairwoman of
the nominating committee for 2020 Officers. She said “She would set up
meetings for the new members to meet with previous officers”. She would
suggest a system to obtain speakers for the meetings.

Announcement: Gisela announced the “Tree Giveaway in Safety Harbor”.
7:30am until ?, at the Public works off of 9th Avenue
Round Table: Sharing your Garden Ideas and Knowledge: Barbara Nelson
was our narrator and a touch of subjects are as follows:
1. Squirrels .. Love and hate stories
2. Tomatoes to Plant.. The best “Heritage Tomato” and “Tennessee
3. Bamboo.. the different types, Recommended “Oldhams’ Bamboo”
doesn’t Run or Clump
4. Fruit trees advertised resistance to citrus green disease, resistance is
not the proper terminology, they are tolerant.
5. The importance of cardboard/newspaper laid down on prepared soil to
deter weeds.
6. Yellow jackets, ground bees, the importance of getting professional
help in removal, because there is usually a 2nd hole.
7. Humming Birds, bromeliads, jade trees were some other topics.
8. Tampa Gardening Swap was recommended.. check it out.
We all felt this program was a success !
The meeting ended at 11:20am
Respectfully Submitted
Sharen Kuckkahn
Acting Secretary