MEETING 10/18/17

Prior to the meeting everyone went outside donned  a hat. A video was taken of the group wishing Safety Harbor a 100th Centennial Birthday.  🎉

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:01am.  
​         A.  All guests were welcomed and a big thank you to Lori, our hospitality                 chairman and those that brought the delicious food.

         B.   Everyone was thanked for participating in our underwear drive for the                 children at the Sheriff  Youth Ranch. Tom graciously accepted the                     donation.

         C.  Secretary’s report is on the web site.  Leah resigned due to health                       problems and we are in      need of a Secretary.  

          D. Treasure report given by Pat, we currently have $2497.41

           E.  Judy reported on the membership

           F.    Plant Sales  Report
                 1.  A group is going to Sandy’s each Sunday, organizing, cleaning and                        repotting plants for the sale.  

                  2.  Each person is requested to participate by bringing atleast 5                              plants, A healthy plant was demonstrated along with a name                                marker with a sun, part sun and shade were noted..
                  3.  There were sign up sheets for time to work the sale and a sign                           up sheet to specify what plants each person is bringing.                  
                   4.  Pots and labels were available.
                   5.  Proceeds from the Plant Sale go to Mattie Williams and to                                  Florida  Sheriff Youth Ranch

            G.   Garden Art for Sale at the Plant Sale
                   1. A sample of garden art was shown, it can be painted or leave as is                       to let customer decorate.
                   2. Proceeds go to the Club

            H.   Christmas Party. 12/13/17. 12:30pm at Sheriff Youth Ranch
                   1. All decorations will be done by our members.  It is suggested                             several people work  together on a table, (total 6 tables).  
                   2. Kay Broderick is in charge of the decorating committee and a                              sign up sheet is available at the membership table.

                    3. The menu for the party is a variety of Hors d" Oeuvres and                                 shrimp which are being  purchased. Suggestions, we are in need                          of a cheese tray, quiche and desserts.                 
                        Pat Gilliland has a booklet from Publix of various suggestions of                          cheese trays, etc.  If you  would like to participate, we suggest a                        few people get together and purchase an item.
                        Homemade/purchased desserts are also needed.  The Board is                           bringing a fruit tray and Pat is making a punch.                              
              I.     Nessie Johnson, our speaker was introduced,  Edible Plants and                          she concentrated her talk on the moringa tree of which she had                          several  moringa trees for sale.

              J.  The plant exchange, a plant is brought in and a number is given in                         order that it was brought in. Numbers are called and the person                        chooses a plant and the exchange begins.

Everyone was invited to go to lunch at Rodies after the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00

Respectfully Submitted
Sharen Kuckkahn
Acting Secretary