Safety Harbor Garden Club
Meeting Minutes 11/15/17

A. The meeting was called to order by President, Sharen Kuckkahn at  9:54am.
B. Guests were welcomed, Marsha spoke on the Clearwater Community Garden.
C. Kay Broderick gave the Treasurer’s report we now have $2,013.00.
D. Secretary’s report is on the website. John McGrath volunteered to be our new Secretary.
E. Membership: Judy Zaccaria
   1. 64 Paid Members
​  2. Club aprons can be purchased at the price of $12.99. The colors are red and purple.
F. Plant Sale - December 10, 2017. 9am - 4pm - Main St. Safety Harbor
​   1. Nancy McClelland spoke on the need of volunteers to bring plants for the        sale. Drop off times at /Sandys are  Friday 9am-11am and Saturday
​   10am-1pm. If cannot make these times leave plants on picnic table. She              reminded  to label the plants and to note sun/shade.
  2. Sign up sheets were sent around   asking for the name of plants they are           bringing and also a time they could work at the sale.
​  3. Yard Art will be for sale. Proceeds will go to the Club.
G. Holiday Party - December 13, 2017. 12:30pm - 2:30pm 1. Carol DeBoer&             Gisela Bennie spoke on the luncheon... The club is providing Hors d’ Oerves        and shrimp, guests were asked to contribute toward a cheese tray and/or          desserts in leu of bringing an item. The Board is supplying a fruit bowl. 
    Sign up sheets were sent around.
​H. Wayne Ulrich showed a bat house that he has made and going to donate 3 or      4 to our plant Sale. It was agreed to charge $40.00 each.
I. Our speaker was Dr. Whitney Elmore, PhD - Pasco Extension- Edible                   Mushrooms - Cultivation for Homeowners.
​J. The plant exchange was held and the meeting was adjourned at 11:15am.

Respectfully Submitted
Sharen Kuckkahn - Acting Secretary