Date:  November 16, 2016
Call to Order: Time:  10:00 a.m.
Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

Welcome Statement:   Jo Clark, President, welcomed all to the last meeting of 2016.  Guests were recognized. Jo thanked all the members for working together so well.
A long time member, John Roadarmel, passed away.  A card was circulated for his wife, Barbara. A $50 donation will be made to the charity of the family’s choice.
Our hostesses were thanked for providing the refreshments which were excellent and plentiful. 
Committee Reports: 
Secretary / Minutes:
The minutes for the October general meeting  were approved. The minutes will now be posted on our website each month.
Treasurer Report:    
 The current balance is $3953.55.
Judith reports  78 active  members.  If you have not paid your dues, you are not counted in the membership.

Old Business:
Please remember to show respect and consideration of the speaker.  Raise hands for questions and please do not have side conversations as this prevents others from hearing and is distracting. 
New Business:
Jo Clark, our President, has a new phone number. 727-580-6803.
The Christmas  party will be a catered luncheon on Wednesday, December 7, at the  Sheriffs Youth Ranch rec hall beginning at 11;30 am. Free to members, however, guests will be charged $5 and there is a no alcohol policy at the Youth Ranch.  Sign up deadline is  today, the November meeting! Please bring new items of childrens clothing as our contribution to the Youth Ranch.  We are not charged any rent for using the location and we would like to show our appreciation.
The Safety Harbor Plant Sale on Main Street will be Sunday, December 11.  We need volunteers if we are going to do this!    We should all be propagating plants now.   Sandy Huff  offered her home for work days and storage of plants.
PLEASE COME TO SANDY’s on FRIDAY, DEC. 9 WITH YOUR PLANTS TO TAG AND PRICE  AND THEN ON SATURDAY, DEC. 10 TO ORGANIZE AND LOAD. Bring gloves and water to drink.  Please label your plants with as much information as you have – name, sun or shade, water requirements, etc.  We will price them on Saturday once we see how many we have of each variety.  We also still need volunteers to work at the sale on the Sunday. 
Our November speaker topic was“Landscaping for Wildlife” by Theresa Badurek. She is a botanist and landscape architect from the Pinellas Extension.  A very interesting speaker.  You can find her at   along with a copy of her presentation.
Adjournment time:  11:30 a.m. 
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Faith Nicholas