Safety Harbor Garden Club Meeting
                                              May 15, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 10am by Sharen Kuckkahn, President.
Jennifer Rothe was introduced as our new Hospitality Chairman and she was
thanked for volunteering.

Jo Clark, Membership Chairman was introduced and she informed the group
of 5 guests. They introduced themselves and told how they came about
visiting with us.

The Treasure report was given by Pat Gilliland. The Picnic auction took in
$301.00, expenses were $379.03. Membership took in $140.00. Giving the
Club a Total of $2,683.13.

A report was given by Sharen on the Moccassin Lake Earth Day Fair. She
thanked Judy Zaccaria, Jennifer Rothe, Jo Clark, Becky DeCroteau for their
participation. We sold plants and made $51 which goes back to Moccassin
Lake Park. We will present it to the Park at a later date. There was not too
much traffic because of other functions, but we made a lot of contacts for
future members.

A sign up list was passed around for a Christmas Party Committee. The date
was discussed and changed to December 11, 2019 and we will be going to a
restaurant. Judy Zaccaria , Jennifer Rothe, Carol Zieres, Linda Howard and
Party Holmans volunteered to be on the committee.

Gary Sawtell, Master Gardener, did a marvelous program on Safety Harbor
The meeting ended at 11:30am
Respectfully Submitted
In absence of Paula Harvey
Sharen Kuckkahn