May 24,  2017    Safety Harbor Garden Club
                          Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch
                        General Membership Meeting Minutes
Call to Order:   9:55 a.m.
Welcome:   Our new president, Sharen Kuckkahn, welcomed all to the meeting and gave a special welcome to our new member and guests.
Committee Reports: 
There was no request for a vote on the minutes from the last general meeting in February to be approved.  All minutes are on the club’s website for everyone to read.  Nancy McClelland substituting for  Leah Metz for  May  meeting.
            Treasurer’s Report:   
The current balance is   $2,322.85.   As of March, $245 was brought in for membership.
$343.00 was brought in from the picnic; expenses were $390.83.
Judith Zaccaria reported 62 paid members.  Membership dues are $20, cash or check.  Our membership year is from April 1, 2017  thru March 31, 2018.  You are welcome to pay your dues at our next meeting on August 16.  Judith printed our facebook and email addresses on handouts for our members. 
FACEBOOK address - safetyharborgardenclubsafetyharbor    She mentioned
that we don’t know who has the password for our original facebook page.  If she had the password, she could merge the two pages.  
Our WEBSITE remains:
            Old Business:
Gisela Bennie explained the Mullet Creek Park project.  She and Joe Caisse have been weeding the garden clubs plots which are drawing many pollinators, many of them beautiful butterflies.  The city provides new plants in March, and at that time she will call on members for assistance planting and watering.
Next, Gisela explained our Garden Award, given every 3 months, and showed the sign that is placed in the recipient’s yard.  Lorraine Grubba volunteered to take over the responsibility of recommending a yard for the award.  This month’s award went to Priscilla and Calvin Nystrom’s
garden on 255 2nd Ave. N. Safety Harbor.
            New Business:
Our president asked for help with refreshments.  She thanked Wanda Sorrells for coming early to make coffee.  Sharen asked the members for suggestions, and the feedback was that a paper be passed around for upcoming meeting refreshments.  We need  someone to make  reminder  calls  for  refreshments.
Next, our president requested a Historian volunteer.  Linda Howard is now our Historian.
We will have a Summer Solstice Luncheon on June 21st at Honeymoon Mobile Home Community Center at 1100 Curlew Rd from 11:30 - 3:00.   More info will be emailed to members.
There will be no meeting in July since the Ranch has youth activities scheduled.
Carol DeBoer, our Vice President/Programs Chair, introduced Mary Bammer, our speaker from the Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory at UF.  This informative and entertaining presentation covered the diverse biologies of bees, the plants that they pollinate, and some tips on how to encourage bees and other pollinators to visit our yards.
Adjournment time:  11:30 a.m.
The Plant Exchange
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy McClelland
sitting in for Leah Metz, Secretary