Safety Harbor Garden Club Board Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2023

Present: Gary Sawtelle, Celeste Sawtelle, Gisela Bennie, Leslie Zambito, Sharen Kuckkahn, Barbara Nelson, Cheryl Warth, Jennifer Rothe, and Paula Harvey

Membership Report: SHGC has 62 paid members – 11 of those are new members – 51 members from 2022 have not paid their dues. Paula will send an email to the 2022 members who have not renewed their membership with a reminder to pay dues before the April Picnic.

Treasure’s Report: Balance in the SHGC account is $5,735.97. Bok Tower Account: $1,144.95: Gnomeo account: $480.22. The Audit has been completed. Carol Cecil will check paperwork at the end of every month.

Bok Tower Trip: 29 paid members will be riding the bus, 2 will be driving. There is no waiting list. The trip will close out at 29. An email was sent to 29 people for a lunch count. Celeste will help Cheryl with the lunch count. Bok Tower needs the lunch count by Friday, March 3 and payment for the trip on arrival. An email will be sent to participants to bring their own water and sunscreen. One stop midway will be made on the way and on the return trip.

Plant Sale: Plant sale at Folly Farm on the 2nd Saturday – March 11.

Pollinator Pathways: Gary has contacted There will be a SHGC page on their website. The organization will manage emails and street addresses obtained from the pledges. Our club will be the first in Florida to be on the website. They have information brochures and handouts and metal yard signs. They will sell the yard signs to us at ½ price. The site has a plant list. SHGC will need to establish plants from the list.  Wait to sign up until the SHGC page has been established on the site. Gary made a motion to donate money ( amount to be determined) to the Pollinator Pathway organization. Motion seconded by Leslie and passed.

Enchanted Garden Fest- March 26: This festival is the biggest and most successful event for the SHGC. The kick off for the Pollinator Pathway project will be during the Garden Fest. Ken Fischer is building an information booth. Information from the Florida Wildflower Foundation will be handed out at the booth. Leslie made a motion to pay for the shipping of the educational material from the Wildflower Foundation. (there is no cost for the material). Barbara seconed the motion. Motion passed. Cheryl and Leslie will coordinate the purchase of seeds from the Florida Wildflower Foundation. $100.00 has been budgeted for the purchase. Cheryl will send an invitation for a “seed packing party”. Volunteers will be needed for the festival. Some suggested volunteer positions: Help Desk – Jan Corbett? Cashier for the Plant Sale, “Helpers” to look at the site at Folly for plant ideas – Barbara has volunteered for this. Walking tours of the gardens – Nancy McClelland ?

Bloomin Chalk Fest-March 18 and 19: SHGC will be present both days to promote the Pollinator Pathways. A committee chair will be needed – 2 tables with brochures and volunteers. Possibly bring the “Help Desk”. Mail Chimp will provide information and seek volunteers.

Newsletter: The newsletter has been posted on the website a day after the board meeting. In the past an email has been sent out to members with a link to the newsletter. We need to educate members to go to the newsletter to find updated information.

Nursery Needs: Our plant nursery needs 1 gallon nursery pots and some 3 gallon pots. People who purchase plants have been asked to return pots.

April Picnic: It was decided to host the annual picnic at Folly Farms in the Barn area. Tours of the gardens will be provided. Gary will reserve the barn.

SHGC Award: Gisela has selected a house behind the Safety Harbor History Museum on Iron Age to receive the garden award. The home embellishes the front with art from local artists. The sign was in need of repair. Gisela contacted the company that made the sign and they repaired it at no cost.

Programs for Membership Meetings: Cheryl will be moving in June or July. She has arranged speakers for the membership meetings for May, June, September and October. The club does not meet in July or August.

President and Vice President Openings: Gary will continue to serve as president for the months of May and June. The search will continue for two members who will serve in these capacities.

SHGC Committee Structure: Need for committees was discussed. The by-laws give some direction as far as standing committees. Gary asked that board members email him with suggestions of committees that need to keep going.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Harvey