Safety Harbor Garden Club

General Membership Meeting

January 19, 2022


The 2022 General Membership Kick Off meeting was held at Moccasin Lake Nature Park and was called to order at 11:30 am.  Approximately 35 members and guests attended.


Gary welcomed everyone to the 2022 Kick Off.  Gary introduced Jennifer Rothe, our Hospitality Coordinator.  Jennifer announced the luncheon menu, which included soups, salads, Lee’s famous cole slaw, wraps, desserts and beverages.  


After lunch, Gary stated the Club has been able to maintain, survive and keep going.  He introduced the Board members and Committee members, including Vice President Leslie Zambito, Recording Secretary Karen Isak, Membership Coordinator Paula Harvey, Treasurer Anne Ward assisted by Celeste Sawtelle.  Gisela Bennie is our liaison with the City of Safety Harbor with a focus on Mullet Creek Park.  She also oversees the beautification garden award.  Jennifer Rothe serves as Hospitality Coordinator.  Sharen Kuckkhan is past president and continues to be active in the Club.  Judy Zaccaria handles social media.  Gary stated that all members are welcome to attend Board meetings and participate.


Each attendee stood and introduced themselves.


Gary stated that the Club financial balance is $6,125.00.  There are currently 42 paid members.  The Club has applied to the State for non-profit 501c status.  The Club is currently in a partnership with the City of Safety Harbor.  The Club has received the Master Gardener award.  Plant sales are ongoing.  All are invited to participate in the Friday Follies, an open discussion and dinner, which takes place on Friday evenings at Folly Farm.  The Club is also busy at Mullet Creek Park and doing things in the community (i.e. Mattie Williams).


The Garden Magic Award was presented to Chris Dotson for his work on beautification and enhancement of Folly Farm.  Gary stated the focus of the Garden Club is beautification, socialization and education.

A Power Point was presented detailing 2021 in review, month by month.

January – The Club logo was updated.


February – A new hackberry tree was planted and a meeting took place in the barn.


March – Potting took place at Sandy Huff’s.  The Club helped with the water garden in Gulfport, installed a butterfly garden at the library and held a meeting at Mullet Creek Park which included clean up.


April – The annual picnic took place.  T-shirts were distributed and Leslie Zambito was awarded Volunteer of the Year.  The wind phone was built and installed.  The Club participated in the Enchanted Garden Fest at Folly Farm, which included 500 attendees.  This Fest will take place on March 6th this year.


May/June – A new greenhouse was built.  The Club raised Malachite butterflies.  The Club donated $2,000 to charities: $500 to Mattie Williams, $1,000 in scholarships for Folly Farm summer camps, $500 to Harbor Dish.  The money was raised through plant sales.


July – The Club participated in summer camps at Folly.  Charlie Belcher from Fox 13 did a feature story on Folly and several articles were published.


August – The Club updated existing gardens and created new signs at Folly.


September – Karen and Sharen spent a great deal of time cleaning up Mullet Creek Park.  A large butterfly art sign was installed at Folly.


October – The Club participated in Fright Nights at Folly, as well as cleaning and reorganizing the Club work area, and worked on the fence around the wind garden.  Gary and Celeste hosted a Zoom watch party for the Master Gardener Award.


November – A thank you luncheon took place for the City of Safety Harbor workers who work at Folly Farm.  A fountain, donated by the Logan’s Love Foundation, was installed in the “Little Hollow” garden at Folly.


December – A party was held to honor Club volunteers.  The plant sale took place at the Kiwanis event on Main Street.


As part of the Membership Meeting today, a film was presented of the Origin of Folly Farm.  Winners of the Silent Auction and Raffle were announced and the Plant Exchange was drawn.


The next general membership meeting is schedule for February 16th at Moccasin Lake beginning at 9:30 am.  The speaker will be Craig Eagle.


The meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Karen Isak.