Membership Meeting
                                                   January 15, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.

Sharen thanked everyone who brought something for the hospitality table.

Donations: President Sharen Kuckkahn presented a check for $500 to the Mattie Williams Neighborhood

Family Center. Janet Hooper, executive director accepted the donation. Janet shared that over Christmas the center provided 600 gifts for children, provided 100 Christmas dinners, delivered 41 baskets to shut-ins and served 80 people at their Christmas Luncheon.

There are many food challenged families in our community. Michelle Abruzzi accepted a check for $250 to Harbor Dish. The Harbor Dish
is a community café that serves the Safety Harbor area. The Harbor Dish creates delicious food where individuals needing a helping hand can dine with dignity. Their organization utilizes local farmers, businesses, and volunteers to enrich the lives of their patrons and to reduce food waste.

The third recipient was The Friends of Moccasin Lake. Sharen presented a check for $301 to them at their meeting Wednesday evening. 
The donations came from the SHGC plant sales.

Treasurer’s Report: Kay Broderick gave the treasurer’s report. The November balance was $2,764.95.
The total December 2019 Accounts Receivable was $1,516. Expenses totaled $522.09. The closing balance is $3,658.86.

Membership: Two visitors attended the meeting – one from North Carolina and one from Ontario, Canada. The SHGC also has two new members – Karen and Christina. New name tags will be available at the February membership meeting. They will help identify who has paid their 2020 dues.

Fantastic Beasts of Moccasin Lake: The Harry Potter themed festival will be held from 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 1,2020. Jennifer Rothe will chair the SHGC booth. The club will sell water for $.50. There will be a raffle to win “man eating plants”. Call Sharen for more information. Judy Zaccaria will send out more information to garden club members.

Plant Sale: Leslie Zambito thanked everyone who participated in the December Plant Sale. There is a possibility of a smaller spring plant sale at Folly Farms. Leslie explained that there would be a drawing for a plant at each meeting. The plant would pertain to the program. The plant for today’s drawing is
Blanket Flower, also known as Indian Blanket or Firewheel. It is a brightly colored herbaceous wildflower with blooms that attract a variety of pollinators.

Program: Leslie introduced our guest speaker Theresa Badurek, Urban Horticulture Agent UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County. Theresa’s presentation was on Perennials for Pollinators.
Respectfully submitted,
Paula Harvey, Secretary