A.            The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.  Sharen had the new members introduce themselves.  She welcomed everyone and thanked the members who brought the delightful food.

B.          Kay reported that current balance was $2521.31.  Income from the Raffle at the Christmas   Party raffle was $102, guest Christmas party was $25 and the plant sale was $ 1000. Total income was $1127.  Expenses for the stuffed mushrooms was $412.85, Sharon $81.41 and Carol $207.29.  Total expenses  $701.55.  Balance as of December 31, 2017 was $2976.76

C.          March 10 will be a bus trip to Leu Gardens in Orlando.  The Rare Plant Network will also be going with us.  The cost of the trip is $15.  Bring your own snacks and drinks.  People are responsible for their own lunch if we stop at Cracker Barrell.

D.          Judy stated that membership is 66 active members.  There were 3 new members who signed up at this meeting.  She explained the role of the membership chairperson.  Volunteers would be appreciated to help out at the sign in tableh and other tasks.

E.          Barbara asked Jo Billings to come forward to be recognized.  She was recognized for her years of service to the club.  Her constant leadership, positive attitude, angel of the plant sale, making phone calls and everything she has done for the club.  She is a tremendous role model.

F.           Gisela explain the nine garden plots that the Garden Club has been recognized by the city at the Mullett Creek Park.  There is a need for volunteers to help care for the Demonstration Gardens.  The date will be at the end of February.  The date will be announce and the time will be from 8 am till 10:30 am.
              The butter fly plants in the garden should be better marked.  The plants are really alive when the butterflies have eaten all the leaves before they form a cocoon and move on.
              Some additional money will be needed from the club.

G.          Shannon was given $500 from the plant sale. Shannon, the Program Director at the Youth Ranch announced that on March 3 there will be an Open House at the Youth Ranch from 11 am until 2 pm.  Everyone is invited."
              Bellaire Garden Club is having an Orchid Extravaganza on Wednesday, February 2 at 1:00 pm.

H.          Nancy introduced the speaker, Dr. Lynn Summerson.  His presentation of "Birds in Your Florida Garden" was informative and thorough.    Respectfully submitted, 

John J. McGrath