Call to Order: Time: 9:41 a.m. Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches 
Welcome Statement: Sharen Kuckahn, President, welcomed all to the meeting.  She presented the Club’s donation to Janet Hooper, Executive Director of the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center.  Their Mission is to nurture and strengthen children, youth, adults, families and communities through the education, support services and collaborative partnerships to improve  people’s lives and help them achieve self-sufficiency.

Sharen welcomed 16 guests who were present to hear the speaker, Leslie Zambito speak on “Container Gardening” which was feature in the local paper.
Committee Reports: 
Gisela explained the Mullet Creek Park project which is being held on Monday, February 26.  If enough volunteers show up, it should last from 8:00am till 10:30 am.  Bring gloves, garden tools and water,  

Secretary / Minutes: 

The minutes from the last general meeting in January were approved. All minutes are on the Club website for  everyone to see and catch up on what they missed. Thank you to Judith Zaccaria for her expertise in posting the minutes.

Treasurer Report: 
The current balance is $2665.76. 

Judith reports 66 active members. Membership dues of $20 are due before April. 

The trip to Leu Gardens will take place of the regular meeting. Please pay for the trip as soon as possible.  

Carol introduced our master gardener, Sandy Huff who presented a great explaination on “Container Gardening.”

Adjournment time: 11:10 a.m. 
Respectfully submitted, John McGrath