Present: Gary Sawtelle, Celeste Sawtelle, Gisela Benny, Leslie Zambito, Cheryl Warth, Paula Harvey and myself, (Lee Sisco).


Membership report - Paula reported 47 email reminders were sent as reminders to pay your dues. We currently have 16 new members and a total of 75 paid members. Membership should be paid before attending picnic April 19.


Treasurers report -
Celeste reports as of March 8 our balance was 7, 286.96.
We made about $1800 in plant sales.
Our balance now is $8, 588.55


Gnomeo  $495
Pollinator Pathways signs and hand outs $312.


Garden Fest needed more food sources.
We will provide feedback to the city for inviting a few more food trucks next year.


Folly News:
Leslie reported we had 25+ volunteers helping at the Enchanted Garden Fest!

We need to revert back to a sign-up sheet including set up and tear down volunteers.

More water lines are being extended at Folly Farms and this should take place this month.

Invasive brush is being mowed and chopped under. 


Annual Picnic and Auction April 19 11:30

Scavenger Hunt and Auction item drop-off 10AM -11:00AM

Lunch will be served.

Dues must be paid to attend.

Guests of Dues paid members are $5 each.

Please donate garden related items for the auction.
This will be a silent auction with tickets bought like we did at Christmas party.

A donation will be given to the City of Safety Harbor for kids to attend summer camp.
We also will be clearing out our Garden Club tshirts and the like at the auction. A suggestion is $5 a shirt and so forth.

 Cheryl mentioned a possible field trip to Marie Selby botanical garden in Sarasota in May. Or  possibly Spanish Point. A date for either of these wasn’t decided but May was suggested as it it getting too hot out. Gary suggested limiting the trips to 25 people.  

At the May meeting Theresa will be speaking about pruning.

 Gary suggests our succession planning could be better. Suggests a meeting during the summer in an air conditioned place with refreshments. Purpose to discuss volunteer for positions we need as far as committees, etc.