Safety Harbor Garden Club
Annual Picnic
April 21, 2021

More than 40 members and guests attended the annual picnic at Safety Harbor City Park from 11:00-2:00 on April 21, 2021.  The picnic celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Club.  Masks and social distancing were required.

Andrea Norwood, Director of Safety Harbor Leisure Services and Parks spoke about the partnership between the City of Safety Harbor and the Safety Harbor Garden Club.  She mentioned that the Club will be getting a shed and that we will be providing continuing education to the community.  Andrea introduced Robert Moser, City of Safety Harbor Parks Operations Manager.  She also thanked the Club for all that we do.

Joe Ayoub, Mayor Safety Harbor, expressed thanks for all the Club’s work.  He recently toured Mullet Creek Park and Folly Farm and commented on the amazing work and value the Club brings to this community.  He encouraged the Club to keep up the good work.

Gary brought Barbara Nelson up to the speaker’s table.  Barbara was the first president of Safety Harbor Garden Club in 1991.  Barbara stated that the garden club has been her “heart” since 1991.  The Club started at the Safety Harbor Museum.  At that time, the Club approached City Hall for money to put a garden in front of the Museum.  The beautiful garden still exists today in front of the Museum.  Barbara stated the theme for the first year was “Living Color” and she read a letter she wrote in 1991 which, in part, stated that color represents peace and harmony and that the Club was to cultivate love and friendship, and promised commitment.  The words were as relevant today as they were then.

Gary stated that he went through boxes and photos recently and mentioned a photo of the garden club “garden angels” marching in the Safety Harbor parade several years ago.  He also stated how grateful we are for the partnership with the City.  

The President’s pins, which are lapel pins with the new garden club logo, were presented to the Board members and dignitaries in attendance.  President’s pins were awarded to Michelle, our first volunteer at Folly Farm, and to Chris Dotson for all his extensive work for the Club.  President’s pins were also presented to past presidents and Board members.
As far as Club news, Gary stated that a “pocket” butterfly garden has been established at the Library, along the art walk area.  The Club is planning for future road trips and tours.  The Plant Sale is this Sunday, April 25th, at the Folly Farm Enchanted Garden Fest.  A portion of the sales will be given to local charities.

Leslie stated there are sign-up sheets available to help at the Plant Sale.  On Friday we will be finalizing the plants we have.  On Saturday, there will be final planning for the Sale and a dead head party beginning at 4:00 pm at Folly Farm.  On Sunday, members should arrive by 9:00 a.m. and the Sale will go through 2:00pm.

Sandy Huff spoke of Violet, who started the Club.  She also encouraged members to serve on the Board.  Gary stated that Sandy has always graciously given us space on her farm to store and process our plants, for thirty years.

Leslie was awarded the “Fabulous Folly Farmers” pitchfork trophy as Volunteer of the Year.

Leslie dramatically revealed and modeled the new T-Shirt.  The T-Shirts are violet in color to honor our Club founder, and include the new logo honoring the 30-year anniversary.  T-Shirts were distributed to members in good standing.  To be considered a member in good standing, a member must pay dues and have worked on a project.  

There was a nice variety of food and desserts, which were served “cafeteria style” by the Board members and others.  Special thanks to Kay for planning the food, Jennifer for the drinks, and Gary’s daughter for making the cupcakes.

A wide variety of garden-themed items were offered for silent auction.

Thank you to all who participated in this fun annual event.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Isak