Safety Harbor Garden Club - Meeting Minutes
                                                      April 15, 2020
Present: Gary Sawtelle, Leslie Zambito, Christina Scacca, Becky DeCroteau, Lee Sisco, Judy Zaccaria, Nancy McClelland, Angela Strain, JoLynn Jorczak, Jennifer Rothe, Elsa Soto, Kay Broderick, Carol Zieres, Pat Gilliland, Karen and Sharen Kuckkahn, Karen Isak

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. This meeting was conducted on line, using the Zoom app.

Gary began the meeting by showing a series of plants for members to identify.
Board Members and Positions: Sharen reported that the old Board voted to install the new slate of officers, so it is now effective.
Gary announced the new Board members and other positions.
Gary Sawtelle, President, Leslie Zambito, Vice President. Paula Harvey, 2 nd Vice President and Membership Chair. Karen Isak, Recording Secretary. Anne Ward, 1 st Treasurer. Linda Howard, 2 nd Treasurer.
Barbara Nelson,_____.
Judy Zaccaria, Website. Sharen Kuckkahn, Publicity. Gisela Bennie, Beautification. Jennifer Rothe will continue her role. Other Committee chairs to be announced soon.
Finance: Kay will take treasurer info to Anne and reminded Gary to transfer signature authorization.
Facebook: Elsa encouraged members to post pictures of their yards on the Garden Club Facebook.
Gary mentioned that possibly a tutorial could be put together on how to post the pictures. Questions on how to upload pictures on our Facebook page can be directed to Gary, Leslie or Judy.
Folly Farm: Leslie reported that many varieties of butterflies are aflutter at Folly Farm. Gary reported there were deer there last night. Gary also reported that an application has been submitted for a $3,000
grant for a wildflower garden at Folly.
Mullet Creek Park: Gary made some suggestions to elevate/improve the nine-squares at Mullet Creek Park. He suggested creating a schedule for two members per month to go weed or just generally check on the plants. Elsa suggested implementing the concept of “Square Foot Gardening” using one of the nine squares. It would be an educational tool to teach people how to grow vegetables in a small space. Lee suggested using the square with the purple lantana that needs to come out. Lee has a book on “Square Foot Gardening” and it was generally agreed that members will research this concept and
make a plan to implement it. Gary and Lee reported that there is a hose and a drip line hose and all nine squares get one hour of water per day.

 Leslie has 2” tall volunteer Mexican sunflowers in her front yard, and invites everyone to come and get some. 
Gary reported that Master Gardner classes at Extension should begin this Fall.
â—¦Update: Gary followed up with the extension office and received the following info. The Master Gardener class is tentatively scheduled for the fall and people on the wait list will be notified in a few weeks. They are not accepting any new people at this time. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Isak