The Gnomeo Project and how to help!

Where did Gnomeo come from?

Gnomeo, Faeriette and Whimsy

Folly Farm Nature Preserve in Safety Harbor is called home by many magical creatures!

The three most famous are the giant gnome “Gnomeo”, his love “Faeriette” and their beautiful faerie child “Whimsy”.

Many, many years ago, Sir George Weiss (He donated the land for Folly Farm) and his Lady Lucille left the frozen fields of New York on a romantic honeymoon to the warm, sunny gardens of Florida. Unknown to the two love birds, they were not alone! Gnomeo (a giant gnome) and Faeriette (a beautiful young faerie) were magically dancing and prancing on the roof of their car!

(It is quite common for Gnomes and Faeries to catch a lift with travelling lovestruck honeymooners. They use all of that overflowing love to replenish their powers. And Sir George and Lady Lucille filled their powers to the top!)

As, you know, Gnomes and Faeries were created to make magic. This is the sole purpose of their existence.

When Sir George and Lady Lucille finally arrived at Folly Farm, Gnomeo and Faeriette were at the very peak of their powers! With the power of love supplied by Sir George Weiss and his lovely bride, Lady Lucille, a garden gnome and a Faerie princess magically created the Folly Farm faerie, “Whimsy”!

If you’re lucky, you may see the Faerie Whimsy at the Little Hollow fountain with her butterflies. Gnomeo and Faeriette like to roam the “Farm”. They are sometimes spotted near the fire pit!



You can be a part of this MASSIVE project!

Join us at Enchanted Garden Fest
at Folly Farm Nature Preserve on Sunday, March 26th
and help us finish Gnomeo's construction!
It's part of the Garden Fest Celebration!

You can also donate to help defray our costs
by using the buttons below.

Thank You!